Scary Productive - Beta

Hi all,

After coming across Pavlok, the aversion therapy bracelet, I had an idea for a quick side project.

A browser extension that uses the same principles but for procrastinating websites.

You can download it for Chrome.

Try it and give me some feedback!

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Weird, but awesome idea :slight_smile:
Reminds me of the “find the difference” pranks with the horror picture + sound…

And this is why I have NOT tried it.
Yes, I am a Pro-procrastinator, but I don’t need a heart attack :stuck_out_tongue:

None will happen. The product only promises you’ll shit your pants.


Upvote it on Product Hunt? :slight_smile:

Quick tip for you. If you want an upvote you must get people to search and find it then upvote. Direct links don’t count.