Saying Hi, this is me from the UK

Hi all,

I’m new to the forums and boostrapping. I’m a Web Developer by trade (since mid 90’s PHP 3 OMG!!) and a DB developer / DBA before that (Oracle, IBM DB2 SQL).

Before being in business full time (1998) I did things on the side such as articles for magazines, add on products (plugins) etc mainly for the now almost dead DataEase desktop DB software.

I’ve just cashed in my shares of a small company (11 staff) that i was part owner and Director of. It’s a Digital Agency (web/digital dev, design and consultancy). I’ve stayed on as a developer but am looking at maybe bootstrapping a side project in the future. (My business was/is Digital Marmalade if anyone is interested)

I guess the entrepreneur is a strong driving force in me and I’ve started to look at the current, modern landscape of the bootstrapper in 2016.

Currently working my way through 100’s of hours of missed podcasts, I’m on ep 21 of and laracasts videos.
Outside of software I’m recovering from shoulder surgery and hoping to get back to competitive Archery in the next couple of months.

thanks for taking time out to read this

Dean (:o)


Hi Dean. Welcome to the forums!

Thanks Andrey, love the podcast, you guys are so entertaining.
The next time i’m in New York i’ll buy you a beer (if you want to leave the house LOL)

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