SatisMeter - What worked for us and what did not

Hi fellow bootstrappers,

A year ago we used this forum to get first feedback on SatisMeter - an in-app customer feedback tool for SaaS businesses. I thought it might be interesting for some of you to know what worked for us and what did not.

We started accepting payments last month and so far received $1300 in MRR from 14 companies. Our goal is to reach $3000 MRR which will allow us going full-time on SatisMeter.

How did we get our first customers:

  • We applied for partnership with Segment to make survey installation easier for our customers. Once they published us among their integrations we started getting consistent traffic with very high conversion rate.
  • We tried to talk to everybody who signed-up and build the product based on what we heard. Our initial customers were designing parts of the product with us.

How did we reach more customers:

What did not work that well:

  • Advertisements - when we launched we wanted to get some traffic quickly so we invested in google, twitter and linkedin ads. We got just a few small companies signed-up through these and the ads were very expensive. We stopped that after a month.
  • App directories - there are many places where you can register SaaS product and people can comment/rate on them. We added SatisMeter to tens to those but none of them brought significant traffic.
  • Blog - we wanted to create a blog to drive some traffic but we did not have energy to create interesting content. We use it mostly for product announcements.

I hope you find this post useful. I’d be glad to hear your comments or hints.



thanks for sharing @sedlacek_jakub! Very interesting stuff.
I have a question about your failed advertisements. how targeted were your ads? Did you figure out a niche target customer (e.g. get data from builtwith, and select only companies that use technology X, because if they use X they might like SatisMeter) and targeted your ads only to them?

We targeted just based on keywords and visitor location.

The setup you mentioned sounds interesting. I was aware there are more advanced targeting options, but did not realize you can target based on company. Do you have any interesting links on this topic?