SatisMeter - Feedback welcome

Hello everyone,

I’d like to ask you for a feedback on a project I’m currently working on: SatisMeter, a customer loyalty service for SaaS and websites.

SatisMeter uses Net Promoter System to gather customer feedback and learn how to make customers happy.

We provide a widget that can be embedded into any website/app, so the survey pops up directly on the website / inside the app, unlike other services on the market, that use mail surveys.

I have created a brand new website last week, and I’d be grateful to get comments on both the website and the service.


Looks great. I like the idea (and would be inclined to try it myself at the free level).

The pricing jump from free (25 responses) to $49/mo (100 responses) seems too large.

I saw a customer testimonial in your blog… You should definitely include at least a short quote from that on the landing page itself.

Thanks @coreysnipes. Including a customer quote on landing page is definitely good idea. I’ll add it.

I am still testing the pricing so I might introduce another cheaper plan.

I like the idea. Do you know about Delighted?

They’re doing something similar.

Looks good! Nice, clean site design. The concept makes a lot of sense (i.e., asking the question right on the site instead of later by email survey).

I’ve been intrigued by the NPS question, but don’t have a ton of experience with it, just what I’ve read.

Delighted looks like it does the email survey, rather than onsite like what Jakub has put together, or am I just missing their onsite widget?

Great site and it seems like a great product too!

The two first thoughts I had: 1. The green buttons on the pink background doesn’t work too well on my screen (MBP Retina). The contrast seems to big between them. 2. “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS.”, is that what I get? Isn’t it more like my customer’s opinions / feelings or whatever?

About the pricing. It seems a little bit random with the price jumps to me… I wouldn’t suggest having unlimited. What if some enterprise customers are willing to pay more? If 5000 is worth $399, 50.000 should be worth a lot more than $999, no?

Good luck!

@CescVilanova Delighted is a nice tool, but it uses email surveys. With on-site/in-app survey you can get attention of users at the right time and that improves quality of feedback.

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@petersuhm Thanks for great feedback!

  1. The green on pink is a bit aggressive but i kind of liked it… Let me try different combinations.

  2. You’re right that “Know your customers” is not really accurate. Maybe “Understand your customers” is better?

  3. I definitely need to work on pricing, thanks for suggestions.