Sanity-check your engineering investment decisions

Hey everyone, been posting to the odd thread here :slight_smile:

I just made, it’s meant to help you decide whether you’re using your engineering time wisely. CTOs / hiring managers / engineers would find it most useful.

It’d also be helpful in doing price anchoring if 1) you’ve made a product that saves eng time 2) or if you’re doing engineering consulting and want to contrast yourself vs in-house engineers.

The overall idea of the site is that people end up visiting my consulting service,, and then inquire about working with me :slight_smile:

Feedback is welcome!

David Trejo—I help bootstrapped & profitable CTOs to hire engineers.

Interesting metrics.

Just wondering why you’re targeting “Bootstrapped and Profitable” businesses with your hiring service? Does VC backed mean a totally different approach for you and candidates?

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Hey Ryan, thanks for the feedback.

It’s easier to work with bootstrapped and profitable companies because they usually have workplaces which are more attractive to engineers. So yes, the approach I take when sending them engineers is different. For a VC backed company, I would need to first convince myself of the viability of their sales/marketing team (the part that is most likely to fail, resulting in broken dreams).


So I want to say I did exactly what you wanted me to do… I went to the EngineerWorth site without even reading your whole post yet and then went to EngineerOverflow. So definitely does that!

The UI for the calculator was a little confusing, but I also figured it out and did exactly what you wanted me to do… So take that for whatever it means. Best of luck!

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Garrison, awesome!!
So happy that it worked :slight_smile:

I’m thinking I will swap the UI for range inputs, pretty sure that would be more intuitive.

Thanks for the feedback!

PS Good luck with your app per month project! I think the biggest challenge is probably finding expensive problems, and the people who will pay for them (and then selling to them). It’s totally doable tho

Yeah - I think that would be for the best too!

Thanks for the encouragement! Just gotta keep hustling… :wink:

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