SalesIntelligent - Build lead lists from social networks and the web

Hey, I’m the founder of prospecting automation software for social networks (like LinkedIn) and the web called SalesIntelligent (

SalesIntelligent saves you or your team’s time searching for prospect contact information and manually entering prospect data into your CRM. It pulls key prospect data from LinkedIn then automatically discovers prospects email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts and imports their data into your CRM.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.

Hey, can you share based on which criteria the prospects can be searched

how reliable are the emails? is it risky to scrape linkedin? what if they block this tool?

couldn’t sign up tried like 5 different emails and it kept saying business email required. the filter is quite strong and not sure what your requirement is. gave up entirely and gives off a negative first experience.

You need to use a work email address, meaning an email address that’s not from a free provider like gmail or hotmail. It’s kept that way so we can get to know who is interested in the product. Feel free to give it a try again with your work email address.

what are you using to filter? just regex?

I have no clue what this is. I just wanted to extract contact info from a search. Otherwise, I’m confused.

I’d like to know where the data is coming from too, vs. the Jigsaw/ crowd-sourced model. is at the same $125/mo pricepoint… and they’re part of SFDC.

In that space I’ve heard good things about LeadGenius but pricing starts at $2K/mo.

Good question. We’re using a variety of methods to validate email addresses that are not crowd-sourced like Jigsaw/ The pricing has changed so 300 prospects/month is $50/month. You can create your own custom plan with the number of prospects you need.

You can use SalesIntelligent to find contact information via a search, you’re correct.

I like this app, I think its brilliant design, however I am questioning the legality or reliability over the long term…
It seems like the data is being scraped from linkedin search results, how are you working around the restriction set by linkedin to scrape their data?

I mean if LinkedIn finds out it wont be too long they shoot it down.