Sales have stopped from 15th october


I sell a software product facecropjet[.]com .Basically its a tool for detecting and cropping out faces from photos.The sales have completely dried up since OCT 15th.Some users had reported crashes and a few bugs,it has been sorted.I don’t understand why the product wont sell.

The traffic is almost the same.Did not encounter this issue last year.

Kindly advice

How many sales there were before they stopped? I’d suggest buying your own product (not a test order, make a real purchase with your credit card), just to make sure the sales process is functional.

I also suggest renaming your setup file from generic “setup.exe” to something else (like your product name) and getting a code sign certificate.

I see the phone number listed on your website for order queries is FastSpring’s number. Does that work well for you? I don’t have a number listed on my website (I’m a sole trader) so this might be a good alternative? Got me thinking.

Their primary mode of communication is email,Phone is just secondary.No one bothers to call as our sales volume is pretty low :frowning:

checkout seems okay on my end.I wonder if the product is doing okay…

Maybe some free alternative popped up recently? Have you checked the Google keywords tool to see how people find your product and which other product they find?

I’d do the following if this happened to my desktop app:

  • Check Google Analytics or Google Search Console to see if my traffic has stopped.
  • Check my downloads/day stats to see if downloads had stopped
  • Check if my software’s “your trial is over - pay now please” mechanism had stopped working
  • Check if my payment process is working
  • Check if “[my product] crack” or a rival, pirate “buy [my product]” page was outranking my own product pages in Google.

Once I’d identified where the problem lay, I would then work out how to fix the problem.

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Your installer is not signed, so it is blocked from installing on Windows 10 by smartscreen filter.