SaaS Template? Shortcut to Launching

Hey everyone!

In the early stages of launching a business and I’m wondering now if we’ve elvolved into a new phase of SaaS where there is now a market for “Shopify for SaaS”. Seems like enough people have done SaaS companies successfully enough now that someone should of created a template for it by now.

Does anyone know of something like this that exists? It would be cool to have lots of the infrastructure like landing page, payment processing, crm for users / leads all automatically tracked for me with a dashboard that simply shows me what I need to do to succeed!

I’ve found SaaSbox but not sure if there is anything else out there.

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I don’t know if something like this exists, but it sure would have saved me a lot of time and thinking and - foremost - worry.

I used the book “Starting and Sustaining” to get through a lot of the early tech decisions, but a bunch of code with the basic common features would have helped too.

There are quite some SaaS templates, see:

Servicebot does the users and payment processing
Intercom is normally the go to for people with money
Versoly is for SaaS websites - my own project :slight_smile:

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