SaaS reseller agreement

Does anyone have recommendations on a good template for SaaS reseller agreement?

Key parameters:

  1. Most likely software will be installed on premise but with SaaS fees.
  2. BUT it can also be hosted by reseller.
  3. Reseller will be installing software, providing level 1 support and value added services.
  4. We set prices, they collect fees and pay us. They keep commission.
  5. Unless specifically agreed they keep their customers. Basically they will be using our software to provide services for their existing customers.

But please ignore 1-5. Anything helps.

Because your product has a high price, I recommend getting a lawyer to put this together.

I have a similar agreement with a reseller of my main product. We discussed the basic outline together and wrote some basic bullet points. Their lawyer used this to put together a draft agreement. Then for a couple of weeks, our lawyer and their lawyer worked out a version pleasing to both sides. I’m very glad we went through this exercise, because it made us consider very carefully what happens with existing customers if either side wants out, to what extent we share knowledge of sales data with each other, how to deal with disagreements, how to handle third-party claims and lawsuits, and what happens if one party dies.

The lawyer’s fees (at my end) were surprisingly reasonable and did not even consume the entire first month’s reseller payments.

That’s what I thought. Thank you, Steve.