SaaS Projections Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

I’ve created a Google Sheet for putting together some rough SaaS projections, and I’d love some feedback for how it could be improved. For now, I don’t want to share it too widely, but I’d love to hear ideas from folks here in the forums.

I’ve made it view only, so you’ll need to duplicate it to create your own version to play with. So I’m definitely interested in hearing about any struggles anyone has using this to kickstart their own sheet in Google Docs.

The spreadsheet helps you think through all of the expenses for starting and running an app for the first two years as well as helping you see how revenue growth plays into it. It’s tough to walk the line between making it super-powerful and accurate and making it simple enough for people to hop in, get a ballpark understanding of how much money they’ll need to get started.


I’ve downloaded it into Excel 2010 (yes, old; works for me tho) and it complains that there some formulas it had to “recover”. Can’t yet say which ones and how big is the damage. Then again, maybe it works fine for newer Excels.

Huh, I see now. The formulas for customer number got converted into just numbers. I.e. I have changed the number of customers in month 1 to 0, but month 2 still got 11 - because 11 is what Excel has got.

This is because for Excel the formula should contain the precision:

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Thanks! I’ll look into it. Not sure if I’ll be able to test on Excel myself, but I hadn’t even considered downloading it to use on a desktop app. I’ll definitely dig into that.

I’ve made some major updates to it to make it a little more user-friendly. I also fixed a few bugs and added some commentary throughout to hopefully help explain how it all works together. For the time being, I removed any protect cells as well.