SAAS Management - scratching my own itch

Apologies reposted my post from foundercafe

I run a consulting company and I have a problem Im fixing. My team and I are using Google Apps, DropBox for Business, Xero, Salesforce, WorkflowMax etc etc.

Recently I had a couple of people leave and few starting.

I forgot to remove the people that left us and ended up paying for their licenses when I didnt need to. I also had new starters and everytime that happens I obviously have to go and create them in each system.

I wrote, (because my client needs it too so i billed them - they shall remain anonymous :slight_smile: ), a dashboard that shows all your current subscriptions, each employee that has it. When they leave (it monitors when an employee leaves through email sent/received from that employee) it will automatically notify me and keep bugging me to remove them from that SAAS system.

Some SAAS vendors would allow me to automatically add users through their API. I may build that in when I get a chance to the dashboard

I realise Okta/Onelogin do single sign on, but they dont do this…

3 questions:
Do you experience this pain?
Would you pay $1/month/employee for us to manage that for you?
Do you want to trial it?

I don’t experience it as my company is too small, but it sounds useful. Maybe you can also use the APIs to make switching services easier, like for users instead of data.

Yeah. look if we didn’t have so many consultants it wouldn’t be that useful. But I would say any company with 5 or more employees would struggle with this.

The pains really are:
Security - do you want old employees to have access to that system?
Cost - do you want to be paying for an old employee?

Well we do. Just wondering if there are enough…