SaaS In Gear | A podcast for developers and entrepreneurs building SaaS startups

Hey everyone!

I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a podcast for SaaS startups for a while now. I love podcasts, but I’ve gotten tired of the whole interview format thing. I enjoy listening to other people’s stories and all, but I’ve always wanted to find a podcast that you can actually learn how to do things from.

So, since I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for (and I think there others are in the same boat as me), I’ve decided to start my own!

“SaaS In Gear” is 100% focused on actionable things you can do in your daily SaaS life (instead of interviews!) I’d love to get your thoughts and would love to hear about any topics you’d like to see covered. And if you’re interested in knowing when this bad boy goes on the air, you should sign up for the launch list I have going over at



I think you should launch the first episode, as a teaser, only then people would understand what it would actually be, before that it’s just words. But subscribed anyway :slight_smile:


That’s an excellent point! (Wish I had thought to do that…)

I might be able to still squeeze some kind of a teaser trailer in here. You’ve definitely got my gears turning :wink:


I might be the wrong market as I hate podcasts (don’t really get chance to listen whilst doing something else so its much much quicker to read than listen) but wouldn’t this be more suited to written pages?

For anything non-trivial you would want to sit down at your desk, read along, make notes, do a bit of reading up etc - all much harder with the podcast/vlog format.

+1 for Povilas’s comment about a teaser episode so people can get the idea.


Good points about written vs. audio formats. What I’m hoping to do is to capture that whole vibe of two bootstrapping buddies hanging out and swapping notes and techniques and giving people something to get excited about trying out. I don’t want to make it a boring, “here’s how to do X” kind of thing. More of a “hey - check this out!” kind of thing. But good point on reading along, notes, etc. - I think I’ll look into providing transcripts so that people can grab those after they listen if they want to have something written to reference and work through. But I think the key is to make it conversational rather than instructional and then I think it would be both entertaining and educational (at least that’s my hypothesis at the moment).

For those “conversational” types - not sure what podcasts you listen to yourself, but here are that type that you could potentially learn from:

  • Bootstrapped Web
  • Zero to Scale (discontinued)
  • Startups for the rest of us (partly conversational)
  • Some Gary Vaynerchuk’s stuff (DailyVee)
  • Startup Chat by Steli & Hiten

The whole podcast is based on the story of the speaker(s), so I guess you may position it as YOUR journey to achieve some goal, and you share you wins/losses along the way. Almost like a diary.

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These are great suggestions - I’ve actually listened to all of these at one point or another. I still listen to SFTRUS fairly regularly - it’s a really well done show with that whole “ongoing story” component you’re talking bout.

I think the trick for me is going to be trying to make the listener feel like they’re the co-host on the podcast. It’s my weird little vision to have the podcast feel like it’s a conversation with them. I have some ideas on how to go about this (and hopefully they’ll pan out), as that’s what I’d like to see come out of this. Like I’m hanging out with you while you’re listening in some weird way (hope that makes sense, it’s late and I’m running on no sleep :upside_down_face:).

In theory it makes sense, but until I heard the 1st episode it sounds pretty awkward, like a Q&A session on Periscope? :slight_smile:

A few more references:

  • Rogue Startups
  • Daily video blog by Nathan Kontny from Highrise - there’s a mix of family things there, not sure how I feel about it

I would be interested in conversations around “how the sausage gets made”:

  • what tech stacks + tools are used
  • the development/release process
  • what the onboarding looks like
  • marketing (email sequences, ads, …)
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I think it will depend on the type of entrepreneur you are talking to… I am a techy and a programmer…so I get my technical stack/programming…etc from other podcasts (Laravel ecosystem…).

Where I am really struggling is finding my audience… tricks around finding where your customers are especially when it is not obvious… in my case, non profit organizations… so they are spread all across multiple domains…

Anyway, I think the difficult part about this whole thing is the customer part… the tech part is relatively easy I think…

Just my 2 cents…

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I will definitely be listening to this as podcasts are my thing when walking to & from work (aka my bootstrapping coworking space).

One suggestion: make sure your podcast is available through all of the main channels. I was listening to a SFTROU episode a few weeks ago and they had a couple of guests on who just started their own new podcast. It sounded super interesting. I immediately went to the Google Play/Listen app to subscribe, but couldn’t find it listed there. I tried to download episodes from their website, but the download speed was excruciatingly slow, so I gave up. I assume they’ve lost quite a chunk of audience by neglecting that.

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Good points! Thanks!

100% agree! If you’re coming from a technical background, the business part is usually hardest. And if you’re coming from a business background, sometimes the technical part can seem daunting. Great insight - thanks!

My plan is to host on a platform that will submit to all major platforms, in part because I know that Apple only has something like 11% of the market and don’t want to limit what I’m doing to only that 11%. Thanks!

Just signed up to the podcast email alert, can’t wait for it to come out. Also wanted to say that your Epic guide to bootstrapping a SaaS is…truly epic.

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