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SaaS Ideas Weekly - Email series for SaaS-lovers


Hello bootstrappers!

Several days ago I launched my email series called "SaaS Ideas Weekly" - each Friday I send you a new idea of some SaaS app.

The whole information can be found on my signup page: https://www.saasidea.io/saasideasweekly

But let me tell you why I did that.

The first thought you probably have - "for profits" or "to promote their product" or something like that.

Well, I don’t want to be cunning, partially yes. I will promote my own product but it’s just a sponsorship because I prepare every email within several hours and I don’t see why I can’t mention (very unobtrusively) my product, especially taking into account that it’s completely relevant to the email’s topic. To prove, let me list what will be included in one email:

  • Name, description, and tags (subject areas)

  • A problem this SaaS app can solve

  • Potential users

  • Actions that users can do online (or actions that SaaS can automate)

  • Existing competitors or similar services and how to differentiate from them

  • List of features

  • Some technical stuff (libraries/frameworks/technologies that can be used)

  • Components involved in development (such as maps, full-text search, AI, ML etc.)

  • Possible ways to monetize

  • Possible challenges and obstacles

But the main reason why I’m starting series is different - the point is I’m crazy passionate about SaaSes. It sounds strange to me too :grin: but just several months ago I realized that most of 17 years I’m in the IT industry I worked in SaaS projects. But it’s just the beginning of the story.

Starting from 2006 I’ve been written down all ideas of software coming to my head, and most of them are SaaSes. So, writing recently a next “cool” idea (I used quotes because all the ideas look very cool to you until you start a research on the existing solutions) I understood clearly that there is no chance for me to implement them. Even a half. Even a ten. Well, ten, maybe. But definitely not twenty.

Another thing I understood that I also loved to create products and generate new ideas. My doc now is about 35 pages, and also I have lists of ideas on my Mac, iPhone, and paper notebook. So, I believe it shouldn’t be a problem to generate a new idea every week.

What can you do with the idea?

Anything whatever you want except using texts and pictures :wink: shortly speaking - create new SaaSes, allow yourself to be inspired and generate new ideas, spread the word, tweet etc. But if you want to copy or publish the text of any email you have to ask for a permission first.

We also accept your ideas

If you have our own SaaS ideas and you are ready to pack them in the format of our series (see the list of points that should be included), you are very welcome! If your idea is accepted I will send it to subscribers along with your name.

Questions? Suggestions? Any feedback?