SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

Hi folks,

today I launched my new book ( which is focused on helping SaaS founders improve their email marketing in a very hands-on way.
It took me most of 2016 to finish writing the book (moonlighting is hard), so I’m really glad I managed to launch before the year was over.

There’s still some work left, but buyers from the presale tell me there is more than enough value in the book already to justify launching. So here we go :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m also currently on ProductHunt and do appreciate upvotes!


Congrats on launching, looks really interesting!

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1st of all, great to see a book about Saas marketing not written by some “Internet Guru” who has only written how-to books.

2nd, let me channel the ghost of @patio11. WHoooo!

Since you are aiming your book at people who make $1000+/month, raise your prices. $29 for the book sends the wrong message.

But great job otherwise :slight_smile:

I disagree with raising the book pricing. A $29/$39 price is great for pricing for business value. With the going rate for books being ~$10, $30-40 for a short and focused book is a pretty solid price point and still on the “impulse-purchase” end of the pricing spectrum.

When I originally sold my book as a single package with just one option at a $79/99 price point, I’m fairly confident that I should have had a book-only cheaper option. I don’t have any hard data backing that up, but with the next version of the book, I’m planning the pricing almost exactly in line with what Christoph has done here.

I’ve never seen or bought a proper business book for $10 (except when traditionally published, where the authors gets pennies).

Most books I see are priced at $39/49 for the eBook only.

Site looks good. I am in your market. Bravo on finishing!

Question (and others may have it as well) :
Not to be critical, but ti would be good to hear more about the basis for the ideas in the book. There is nor shortage of things I COULD be working on in terms of marketing. The trick is figuring out which are good ideas, and which are good for my company.

And I do see it’s satisfaction guaranteed, so I will take a closer look.

Patio11 got a lot of traction by publishing some of the experiments he did and the results. That established a LOT of credibility (and probably got him a lot of Google Juice).


Nicely put together. Congrats @itengelhardt!

Thanks for being honest on who it is / isn’t for.

Willl make sure to check again after we launch our pricing models (w/ 30 days trial). Just in free alpha for now.

Hey buddy, this is awesome. I have a SaaS in a relevant niche. Mind if I contact you for a biz dev opportunity?

I’m really considering purchasing the book but found an expletive in the TOC. I don’t want to read a book full of foul language. Is that what this is - buzz words and swearing?

Hi, I absolutely don’t mind. Just shoot me an email

hi Shawn.
Nope, there’s more in the book :slight_smile:
It’s full of email marketing advice that I have seen & made work in the wild

That said, I do swear sometimes and I didn’t restrict myself on the assumption that the book is for a mature audience.
If you find that there is too much swearing in the book, I’ll be happy to refund you.