Rock Solid Software Testing Without Hiring an Army. Trish Khoo, Google

This is a talk Trish Khoo gave at BoS USA last year about approaches to software testing.

While she works at Google at the moment, she started in much smaller, albeit growing, businesses. There is a video of the talk, transcript and slides. I would be interested to understand how the approaches she discusses are different in a much smaller organisation and also, whether anyone has moved an organisation with a test department to one where testing becomes a core part of the coder’s day. What were the benefits and pitfalls? (Asking for a friend…)

Thanks for posting. I just got through this and I don’t believe this will work for the majority of software development shops. Why? In general, developers suck at creating software and now you want them to test the crappy software they create?

Google, RedGate, etc can hire the best people but mom-n-pop software shops will not be able to hire the right people because they are just too expensive. Good developers are good testers because they are good developers.

Edit; software dev is not like other professions. An accountant can only do so many accounts but a good developer can serve tens of thousands of people. It will be interesting if there is a future “talent consolidation” like appears to be happening with places like TopTal.

My 2c.

Even that is not true. Good developers routinely overlook otherwise obvious issues because they tend to do things in a particular way where the defect is not reproduced.

Good QA thinks and behaves like 10 different people, with different habits. Impersonation skills, eh.