Rob sold Drip to Leadpages



PS. Sorry, that’s all I have to say about that.

From the announcement I’ve understood Rob is going to work for Leadpages at least for some time. That’s a kind of disappointment to me :slight_smile: I was always looking up to Rob for an example of “self-standing man”. And now what, he’s an employee? o_O

Anyway, he has proven multiple times that he knows what he’s doing, and I guess he has very good, numbers-backed, reasons to do that. I can’t wait to hear those reasons.


I’d love to hear the backstory, but I suspect Rob is contractually bound to non-disclosure.

Rob mentioned in the last SFTROU podcast that he will cover the sale next week, as well as on his ZenFounder podcasts.

Rob talks about the sale:

Not so much talks as outlines, frankly.

Except the fact that LP got the whole Drip team, I’ve got no info. Even his second podcast (with his wife) was richer in details in some sense.

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Rob’s ‘Zen Founder’ podcast with his wife -