Revenue Competition 2014

My friends and I each have a product (app, saas, or something online) and are trying to get them off the ground. As a sort of fun (friendly) competitive mastermind group we’ve come together to compete on who can get their product launched and make the most revenue in 2014.

If you are struggling to find the modivation because you’re flying solo, or just a single partner, and want to join the game to give yourself an extra edge of motivation - as well as peers to bounce ideas off of, and chat in real-time with, send me a message, I’d like to send you an invite to join the crew. We’re a group of developers and designers with experience in PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), Ruby (Rails, Sanatra), Javascript(Backbone, Knockout, Coffeescript), Objective-C, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Sketch.

Let me know if you’re interested, or if you know someone that might be interested, send them my way.


Hey, I would be interested! Still don’t have an app up yet? Does that matter for now. Need enough motivation to push through and push it out.

No matter at all. Many of us do not have an app up yet. That’s the whole point. Get us moving! :smile: PM me what your skillset is, and what you’re planning, and we’ll see if you fit in the group!

@misterparker, are you going to have Mastermind sessions as well?

@misterparker PMed ya!

Yes!! Mastermind sessions as well: Want to join the group - fill this out! - and let’s get you in:

We are all on group chat popping in and out throughout the day, then we’ll do weekly standup sessions talking about past week goals, current status, and next weeks goals, helping accountability.

Great idea.

Some weeks ago aI was thinking about a variation on this (I was focusing on the competition side only).

The metric I was thinking about as a way to measure score was profit/hours worked (both in a month).

This way, someone that is running a business as a side project or running multiple projects at the same time can still compete with people doing one thing full time.

Also, I find it specially valuable that the metric rewards businesses that are being designed so that they require less time to the owner but still make money.