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Request for Feedback: ViewFlux Beta - feedback, prototyping & collaboration for designers


We’ve launched today into beta ViewFlux - an online app that helps designers with feedback gathering, prototyping and collaboration. Would love to hear your feedback on the app and marketing site.


Very visually impressive. I haven’t seen a better-looking site in a while. I also think you did a fantastic job with the “Sign Up” CTA. I couldn’t help but click on it, even before I read anything about what the product was.

A couple thoughts:

  1. Just as an anecdote of my personal experience, I offered my product, Snip, for free in the very beginning when I was trying to get my first users. I found it extraordinarily difficult to “sell” the product for free, but then when I started charging, it was like a magic switch got flipped and I started getting customers. My guess is that a) I seemed more credible with a product that actually cost money and b) people valued the offering more when it had a price attached to it. Charging also helped with onboarding as there was a clear delineation between “in” and “out.” When Snip was free, I would have people kind of start using it, and it was hard to tell if they were really serious or not. It’s not hard to tell whether or not I have someone’s credit card number on file or not. Again, that was my personal experience and not necessarily representative of a typical charging/not charging experience.
  2. It took me a little bit to understand what your offering was. Maybe that’s because I’m not a designer. I immediately gravitated toward the Pricing & Signup page but it took me a long time to notice that there was a Tour page as well. Maybe a secondary CTA to take a tour would be helpful.


Thanks a lot Jason!

  1. we do plan to charge, the service will only be free while in beta. We want to reward early adopters who don’t mind the occasional bugs.
  2. good point, we’ll consider this. Did you miss the tour page because you couldn’t visually identify it easily?


I think I missed the tour page because the Tour link is no more prominent than any of the other nav links. I personally tend to miss obvious things, though, so I don’t know if other people would have the same problem.