Reporting/BI for B2B Saas

How have other bootstrappers addressed the need for reporting / BI in data driven B2B Saas apps?

  • I tried writing something myself and failed - am an average
  • I bought cheapie reporting tools online like myDBR,Scriptcase, mysqlreports and more but none of them do what I need even with customisation
  • I went looking for freelancers and am now on my 5th attempt to get something which works (and it doesn’t!) - have tried UK, US and India. Paying in the mid $x,xxx range and still not getting there and it is really peeing me off now

Have looked into BI suites like Pentaho and Jaspersoft etc but for multi tenancy (i.e. each client can login and run their reports) you need their enterprise versions and pricing is $20k and above so way out of my range.

I am wasting some much time and effort over something which “should” be pretty damned simple - how have others managed this?

What type of metrics are you looking for? And are you looking for reports on your company or trying to give tenants of your software access to reports of their data?

It is for tenants - I have built the reports I want/need manually and can do so in the future if needs be as I have access to the database etc but now I need something for clients to use to query their data

Hi! We (me and @pawelniewie) are bootstrapping the project which might be helpful for you: TeamStatus.TV We are still developing it but we would love to hear what you need and maybe we will be able to meet your expectations. Just let me know on my e-mail: :smile: