Relaunch: EasyPromo - Find promotion opportunities for your business

Relaunch: EasyPromo - Find promotion opportunities for your business

Hey everyone! A few months ago I already posted here about my new project and since the feedback was quite good but I realized that my approach would be not optimal I refactored my idea and are currently building an MVP.

However, I have created a small landing page already and would like to invite everyone who is looking for promotion opportunities (sponsored postings, partnerships, influencer marketing, etc.) And as a small gift, for your early interest, I would like to give you a curated list with 80 places where you to promote your business right now.

Here we go:

Thx and cheers

Can you tell us what your site / service actually does (or aspires to do)?

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Hi unboot,

my site / service will be a database where you can search for blogs, podcasts, newsletter sponsorships, Youtube influencers, Instagram influencers, other platforms influencers, partnership opportunities to promote your business / product.

I hope my description is understandable.


Thanks @vladempire . Your description is understandable.
However I could not infer that from your website. Maybe put the description on your website?

Yes, you are right. I will do it in the next version.