Reflections on selling my business

3am in the morning – 5 hours to close. I felt the weight of 17 years of building a business all come down to this moment where I’d lost absolute, complete confidence that I was gonna make the right decision - walking away from something I’d built for 17 years. It was my life. And I had no idea what was gonna be on the other side of it.

Jason Eckenroth founded ShipCompliant in 2000. A bootstrapped company, it grew to be a highly profitable market leader – well loved by customers with a NPS of over 70. Jason sold the business to a private equity house in 2015. He stayed on to lead the new business unit before the acquirer was sold on to another private equity house in 2016 at which point Jason left. A significant financial success for Jason, no question, but…

Would Jason sell again?

What would he do differently?

What advice would he give to other founders going through the same thing?

Bring your questions and join us for a Hangout with Jason Eckenroth on Wednesday 31st January, 3pm GMT.

I’ll read it in 17 years.

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