Referal system for freelancers?

Here’s another random question/idea:

With LiberWriter, I briefly tried to provide basic editing services, but decided it wasn’t a good idea: it’s way too personal, the people doing it aren’t easy to manage, and I wasn’t going to make that much money from it anyway.

However, I still think that there’s a bit of extra money to be made by referring customers to a few, vetted, qualified professionals in adjacent markets, like editing.

So what I’m kind of grasping around for is a way to get a small referral fee from a select group of freelancers. More than anything, it’d have to be really easy to use. I don’t care if I get every last cent, but it’d just be nice to get something for doing some research and finding some people my customers could interact with.

Hey David,

I am using for such behaviours and data validation!

Did you accidentally reply to the wrong thing? Your answer would be a good one for: Keeping tabs on contractors

Sorry, it ws for there!

I was considering trying to get copywriter to help with content for my saas. Wasn’t so much looking for a referral fee as just a good reliable person who would know my app well and be able to knock content out efficiently and for a predictable fee.

Haven’t really pursued it too far yet though.

Yeah I think until you reach a certain mass the value of being able to send your customers to a high quality freelancer for extras isn’t in your cut, but in them having a better experience with your product. We’ve done this for years with very good results. We don’t get a cut of the money, but the customer gets the full service consulting they want without us having to get into that business.