Recurring payment provider which supports multiple currencies

We are looking for a recurring payment provider which truly supports multiple currencies - we have spent some time looking at Chargify and Chargebee but both only support multiple currencies by having multiple sites which are replicas of your main site so if you want 5 currencies then you need to maintain, manage and report on 5 sites which is a pain and too time consuming and risky.

We have looked at Recurly and they appear to offer what we need but are expensive and they take a fee on top of their monthly charge ($299 pm + 10 cents + 1.25% per transaction) - once we add on gateway fees and merchant fees it is a cost we would like to avoid. $299 in itself is costly compared to the market but taking a % as well is too much.

What other options are there which we could look at? Requirements are for usual features but also need invoice/offline payment support, good multi currency support and a full featured and well documented API.

I use FastSpring which is pretty easy to use and has multiple currencies. The API is not as nice as some but seems to work well. The price is more expensive than some but I also think you get what you pay for, so the value is good.

We use Stripe for recurring payments (multi-currency and incredible API) and our own app,, for invoicing (multi-currency as well, and you can create & send invoices to get paid via wire transfer, cash, etc.).

Let me know if you need more info. Glad yo help.

I’m bumping this to see if anyone has more suggestions for payment providers with great multi-currency support.

I’m leaning towards FastSpring, but would love to hear different ideas.