Recommendations for SSL wildcard certificate?

I need to pay the “Internet tax” of purchasing an SSL certificate for and for I guess that means I need a wildcard certificate?

I hate doing this stuff and sorting through the confusing info offered by each seller of SSL certificates. Does anyone have a supplier to recommend with good prices and service?

If you only need certificates for these two subdomains, you can buy two certificates, which will be much cheaper than buying a wildcard certificate.

In a near future you can get all the certificates you want automatically and for free using let’s encrypt, but until then you have to buy them. I use the cheapest Comodo Positive SSL certificate from Namecheap it has worked fine for me for years.

There is really no downside to using a low cost certificate, and you should avoid spending money and time on the more expensive certificate with org/extended validation.


+1 for the Comodo SSL certs from Namecheap.

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DNSimple uses Comodo SSL as well, and AFAIK they are as good as any other SSL and very affordable.

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Another +1 for the Comodo SSL certs from Namecheap. Have used them for all of my most recent sites/projects, never a problem.

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I think I need a wildcard although I’m not certain - this stuff is not my forte. I’m using one AWS “elastic beanstalk” instance for the site - both domains point to the same web app, but if it starts with “fr.” then we use the french translation file. I think AWS’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) only allows one certificate for one ELB instance.

got mine from:

Another vote for DNSimple (which resells Comodo afaik), which provides both regular and wildcard certificates.

I’ve been using them for 3 years at WiseCash without any issue reported, and you get sweet alerts ahead of time to make sure you don’t forget renewal.

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I’d still go for the PositiveSSL cert from, a subsidiary of Namecheap. They are cheap and fast and installation is easy. For just two domains two seperate SSLs would be way cheaper but I have no experience with AWS’s ELB config.

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I just bought a new certificate with, and it really is a faster and better experience than namecheap provides, and the price is a little lower. Definitely my new go-to ssl vendor, until Let’s Encrypt takes off.

I’m planning to try to save some time provisioning/installing SSL certs. Anyone else try it?

Another vote for Namecheap here…

I got an AlphaSSL wildcard certificate for $40/year over at ssl2buy. Website looks a bit funky but it’s the cheapest I’ve found for a wildcard cert.

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+1 for DNSimple. It’s cheap, easy-to-setup, and they send notifications when you have to renew it.

Two months back, we launched another portal snapcx dot io and i accidently stumbled on cloudflare DOT com . CloudFlare is like cloud proxy sits in front of your lookups and provide “FREE” SSL. (they have paid plans for more features). It was relieve for me, as I didn’t have to shop around for wildcard and then installation pains.

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Updating this thread a few months later…and now AWS supplied free certificates for AWS-hosted sites.

How about using Let’s Encrypt (unfortunately wildcards not supported, but given they are all free then it might be a go-er?).