Recommendations for Professional Indemnity / General Liability insurance?

Before we go live with our product, I’d like to have some good insurance in place.

Here in New Zealand, a local insurance broker has provided quotes ranging from around USD$2,500 for $1M cover, to USD$5000 for $5M cover.

Does anyone want to share approximate insurance costs from their businesses? I don’t know whether US-based insurers would want to cover us being based in NZ, but it’s an increasingly global world & worth a look before we sign up locally.

So that we’re comparing apples to apples: our quotes were for a SaaS Personal Financial Management product.

Thanks, Darren.

I think we pay around $350 USD/mo for $2MM liability insurance. Used this broker:

Great, thanks starr. That’s ballpark the same as what we were quoted from here, useful to know.