Recommendations for an invoicing app with ACH integration?

Hey Bootstrappers,

I was wondering if anyone had a rec for an an invoicing app that can essentially know if an invoice it has issued has been paid by the client.

I’m running a SaaS business where some clients insist on being invoiced monthly. Doing the accounting to make sure everyone paid and on time, etc, becomes increasingly annoying as I get more of these guys.

Is there an app that can hook into my bank account and see when I’ve received ACH payments (or even check deposits)? I think I may have seen one invoicing app that had an in-house ACH solution where they took a percent cut of the ACH amount, which I found totally unreasonable. There has to be something better!


Hi Vincent,

Not quite what you are looking for regarding ACH, but is really nice. You can accept PayPal or stripe at the moment. I personally use popmoney to send money to other’s account which is provided by my bank. Works just like PaPal but in my case is only $1 per transaction.

Also, consider charging your SaaS clients an extra invoice fee for your preparation time. This way you will find out if they really want a traditional invoice. If they balk at the fee, they can pay the standard way.