Pros and cons of this project

Hey guys,

I have this idea stuck in my mind, maybe because it’s an almost done(80%) project using modules from past projects.

Even though SaaS is not the target market, usually you guys come with some great insights.

I’ll post the url of the landing page without the description because I want to know if you can figure out what it does.

There are a few use cases on the page.

What are your first thoughts?


Got what it does pretty easily.

First thoughts

  • How would this work with CMS/blogging system [X] I am using
  • Personally - would only need this very occasionally (once a year?), so would be reluctant to pay any sort of monthly fee for it.
  • If I was in a business that needed this often I would have been sure to use a CMS/blogging sytem that supports it natively or at least has plugin to do so.
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Yea, I’ve talked with quite a few people and it won’t be working as a SaaS, so I won’t pursue it.

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I agree with the above comments: will be used very infrequently.

A better application of this technology is for A/B split testing.

Or, basically, any time a non technical person wants to edit a website.
But I suspect that people need that a lot less if they are using a CMS like wordpress.