Promoting a product with loooong videos?

A partner company sells a version of our software with their branding. They’ve recently commissioned a whole bunch of 20-minute-long videos, hosted on YouTube, promoting the features (I mean, benefits) of the software, going into detail. The videos are great - they had me wanting to buy my own damn product. But they are long. I thought maybe they are too long for most people to bother watching. But my girlfriend disagrees. She loves watching lots of YouTube videos promoting whatever product or theme she is currently into, and thinks that plenty of other people are the same.

And so I’m keen to find data. Have any of you tried making long promotional videos for your products? Do they sell?

(For the record, I’m not talking about infomercial-style videos. Rather, a detailed explanation and illustration of the product’s features.)

I would rather read a good summary of the product.
But most people are not readers. They’ll there passively and WATCH a video but not read.

Our visitors who watch our 1.5 minute video demo are 2x more likely to register and 4x more likely to be engaged a week later.

I am a little dubious about a 20 minute video BUT you could make it in the “inverted pyramid” style of a news article.

  1. Overview of product and list the general capabilities.
  2. Capability 1
  3. Capabiltity 2 etc.

And have a caption at the top in the same place so it’s easy to fast forward and find the right section.
(I don’t think Youtube supports “jumping” based on a click)
The other thing you could do is make each point above a video. And the first would have links to the other videos (like they were Chapters).

We did that. And then you give them the link to a playlist which, if they click nothing, will play 1,2,3 etc.
But they could click to jump from 1 to 4, etc.

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