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Anyone a member of ?

It’s by Justin Jackson, from the podcast by same name.

I am a member myself and there are several awesome people in the group. Justin is always participating in conversations inside the Slack chatroom as well. I would definitely recommend it.

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It’s my favorite online group!

The two best parts for me are the access to those hustling on their own products who are a step (or many more) ahead of me and the Slack chat, it’s a tribe that speaks my language.

If you are working on your own thing it’s a great place to call home!

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I’m a member too. The group has an upbeat, can-do outlook, tons of work ethic, and is good at getting behind one another to drive the success of each members’ project.

For example, yesterday I launched my book RECORD & RELEASE (, and my fellows in PPC were instrumental in helping me drive the creation of the product, and in helping me w/launch & promotion.

Nobody there will baby you, and nobody there will spoon-feed you, but they will HELP you. It’s absolutely been worth it.

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