Product portfolio

We did some inventory over the weekend, and I managed to grab an interesting photo out of the process.

Each one of these sticky notes represents a product we built and released over the past 9 years, not including ports or work done for clients.


I could fill that space at the bottom right with the commercial products I have released in the same time. ;0)


If you scope it to just products which include something that was built (as opposed to, e.g., a workshop which was delivered but not “built” in the sense that programmers typically build things), I think I’m at three and a half products in 8ish years. 4.5 if you count a non-commercial OSS offering.

You mobile people scare me :wink:

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We released two products in the past 9-10 years we are doing this and to be honest, I already found this quite stressful at times and a lot of work, so very impressive list. :smile: