Product Hunt's Founder Club: $360/yr for $5K AWS credits + Stripe credits

PH’s founder club is a great deal, I just wish they partner up with Google Cloud for Startups program

Looking for the invite code as well, happy to pay it forward to others in the thread if I get invited. )

This is really nice. I would love to get an invite and will send out invites to others after I get in the program.

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I’m the founder of Secret, a free alternative to Founder Club.
We have deals with AWS, Sendgrid, Airtable & 100 more. Check it out here: joinsecret dot com
Feel free to ask me any questions! Cheers, Edouard


Where did you those 10K of credits from?

If anyone has an invite brad @ rectxt dot com I’d love one!

AWS Activate through a local tech-supporting non-profit. I imagine the amount varies based on the partner organization that you go through.

The App sumo deal seems much better for the AWS credit:

–> For $49 you get 5k AWS credits


I highly recommend Microsoft for Startups. We got 100K in credits for Azure, Office 365, GitHub enterprise and Visual Studio. The entire process took one week, with no middle man and nothing to pay.

Our Azure fleet is much smaller than AWS but I’m seriously thinking about moving new customers to Azure exclusively.

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I would certainly love it if someone lurking would DM me for an invite. It isn’t easy creating something from nothing these days. :innocent: Thanks!

Now I regret not signup up during Early Access. They didn’t have the Stripe or Notion credit back then, as far as I can remember. With these new deals it seems like a no-brainer. If anyone has an invite left I would love one for brecht at bootstrapped dot ventures or send a PM.

Hi Steve, I just seen your post would you be so kind to share an invite my email address is devon@devonartis dot com. I am a new user so I can’t post my link.

My invite links are not working anymore. :frowning:

You’ll need someone else to invite you to get the discount.

Maximus, what stage is your startup at? anything they were looking for to get approved?

Self funded, no investors. I selected “pre-seed”.

Hey Steve,

It would be really helpful for us ! thanks for sharing this.

My email : j.lethoai@gmail. com

Thanks and stay safe !

Thank you for posting this :slightly_smiling_face: Can i get an invite code? nitesh.dulal8@gmail

Do those lucky enough to be initiated get unlimited invites? Or just a few? If anyone happens to still have one I’d be honored for an invite. :smile: DM me.

Thanks for this post! I was just looking at the discounts on The Founders Club and am very interested. Would someone be interested in DM an invite to me at PLEASE? Thanks in advance for anyone so kindhearted to do so. Thanks! :smile:

I’m part of a startup that is actually looking to be a Founder Club partner - does anyone have any insights on how to get involved? CloudApp helps sales, support, and marketing by making instantly shareable content with screenshots, recordings, and GIFs. (getcloudapp. com)