Product Hunt's Founder Club: $360/yr for $5K AWS credits + Stripe credits

Hey Alexander, you should now have an invite in your inbox

Hi @SteveMcLeod, is there any chance you might be able to send an invite to me as well? It would be greatly appreciated and helpful for my business. My email address is seanhaufler@gmail. com

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Thanks for sharing this awesome tip, Steve! Can anyone here spare a Founder’s Club invite? My email address is justinbritten at gmail dot com. A big thanks in advance!!

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Thanks for the post @SteveMcLeod - I have been looking at Founders Club and initially thought it sounded to good to be true. Question - Does the business need to be part of an incubator to receive the [AWS Activate] credits? For any Founders Club members feeling generous would greatly appreciate an invite as well, pablo @proveoautomation dot com Thanks all!

I guess I’ve reached the limit of Product Hunt Founder Club invites I can send for the discounted price, because the last three I sent don’t seem to have been received.

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I’m really looking for an invite code! If someone is willing to share, please pm me or email at wphire a.t. gmail. Thank you in advance.

Hello Steve or anyone else using this activate credit. Can you tell me what the AWS credits apply to?

  1. Is it a blanket 5000k for all their services? Or is it something like 1000 on EC2, 1000 on RDS?

  2. Do they limit the spend to x amount a month per service?

  3. Do you know with EC2 spot usage, if the credits apply? Or reserved? Or is it only applicable on their full price services.

Thanks in advance!

Has anyone been able to use this that was a previous participant in AWS activate through another avenue? My 1 year worth of credits (was $10k, not that I used anywhere close to that) recently expired. Would love to be able to get another bunch of credits, but having already participated in AWS Activate, I’m not sure if it will work.

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Can I have an invitation too?

Thanks so much

As I wrote earlier, my invites have stopped working, so I guess I’ve reached my limit.

Someone else will need to do the invites from here on in!

Thanks anyway, so I turn the request to the Community.
Is there any good guy who can help me?

Might make sense to have a look at which offers up to $5000 AWS benefits.
Seems cheaper than PH.


I would love an invitation. Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much!

I would love a code if someone has one.

PH’s founder club is a great deal, I just wish they partner up with Google Cloud for Startups program

Looking for the invite code as well, happy to pay it forward to others in the thread if I get invited. )

This is really nice. I would love to get an invite and will send out invites to others after I get in the program.

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I’m the founder of Secret, a free alternative to Founder Club.
We have deals with AWS, Sendgrid, Airtable & 100 more. Check it out here: joinsecret dot com
Feel free to ask me any questions! Cheers, Edouard


Where did you those 10K of credits from?

If anyone has an invite brad @ rectxt dot com I’d love one!