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Pricing your SaaS in multiple prices and multiple currencies


Hello there!

As a company headquartered in the Netherlands, we had made the early conscious choice to price our current Email Parsing SaaS in euros. While that worked great with almost no complaint from overseas customers (most of them being from the US), we still wondered how our growth would look like if we would price our services in USDs. And why not, throw in some GBP prices there too for British customers (UK is our 3rd biggest market).

We developed an in-house tool to easily manage multi-currency plans for our Stripe account and localize our landing pages and marketing materials with minimal changes. We quite liked the result and thought maybe that would make a nice side project that other SaaS companies might be interested in as well!

So we rolled out Priceur.com that aims at creating and displaying multi-currency pricing a breeze for companies using Stripe. This still an early MVP but we’d love to hear some feedback from you guys. Especially if you ever considered going multi-currency (I remember seeing some conversations about this a while back on this forum).

Also, any comment on the perceived value for such product, marketing copy or feature would be awesome!