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Pricing experiments you might not know



A few things I hadn’t seen before in here. Tweeted at me by Antonio Ribeiro, not sure if he’s on here, but thanks!


Just finished one of the books he cited. Priceless (na). It’s quite good.


What’s your experience with having only one price on snappy? Do you “feel” you’re converting/performing better than if you went with a tiered pricing?


So far so good. I think it ties in with the idea that we’re trying to keep it simpler than other tools so the pricing is simpler. I could see down the road if we add some more advanced features that we’d break that into tiers but for now it’s good.

As it’s per user it a bit different than other types of SaaS models. There’s an element of tiering built in even though it’s only one price as a company with 5 people pays 5X so it’s not exactly the same as if we were a project management app that only had 1 tier all unlimited.