Pre-qualified Leads

Im looking for a service that pre-qualifies leads for you. I don’t need a test an idea, I need someone to talk to a specific demographic for me and find 30 people who I could then call. So I could say pre-qualify me 30 leads of this type:

For eg:
Living in Russia
With 10 employees in their business

I would tell that company what I was trying to pitch and they would go ahead…

Im not avoid sales (which i like to do), but rather just pre-qualifying leads.


You mean to do Customer Development interviews where you talk about how you can serve them with a potential product? Or do you mean sell an existing product?

Shoot me an email -

We partner with mobile app developers to allow their users to take in app surveys in exchange for in app content.

We’ve done a few of these recruitment campaigns for Hello Fresh and a few other companies with a lot of success. Basically we used our network to find the specific folks to talk to. Then as part of the survey we say you’ll offer them a gift card in exchange for a phone conversation and collect their personal info.

Hello Fresh would offer like $100 Amazon gift card for a 60 minute conversation. Seemed a little excessive to me to go that high, but it seemed to guarantee engagement :).