PR tips for startups

Hey guys - wrote this post on PR tips for startups. Thought it might be useful for some of you guys that are looking for different ways to get traction for your products.

Would appreciate any feedback.


Well written and well presented.

  • I tried HARO for a while and found there was too much noise, and it was yet another thing cluttering my inbox, and three times a day at that! Yet to use HARO effectively you have to respond quickly.

  • I don’t think the article captures the reality that PR is freaking hard.

  • I’m extremely sceptical about “Net Promoter Score”. It is not a very good proxy for reality.

  • “Tip #3: Tap into the broader societal phenomenon behind your product” - I agree 100%. When there is news in your field, that’s a chance to poke your own news into what’s going on.


Thanks man!! :slight_smile:

HARO - agreed! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just archiving them and referring to them later on as a source for ideas. Also when I take the time to pitch someone on an idea I just go ahead and write up a whole post so that if they don’t reply to me, I didn’t waste my time.

PR is hard - that’s a good point. I should probably find a way to address that more directly.

NPS - I’m sure there’s some room for skepticism there. Then again, I have a hard time believing that it wouldn’t be a good thing to pay attention to and try to optimize, particularly if you don’t already have a KPI or set of KPIs really well dialed in that you’re focusing on.

HARO seems like a great resource thanks for sharing. One strategy that has consistently worked for me is customer interviews. What I do is I find people over twitter/linkedin/forums and if they are doing some interesting work get in touch with them and we do an interview.

It helps me get fresh content to publish,gives me an opportunity to absorb many different points of view in the industry and best of all it turns the people I interview into brand ambassadors! They are happy to publish/give link backs and promote their interviews and talk about my product. Win win!

I hadn’t even heard of HARO before. Signed up. Thanks @kalenjordan

Enjoyed the article. A reminder that I am woeful at doing any PR at all. It reminds me of “Traction” – a book that similarly reminds me of how woeful I am at PR.

There’s some actionable articles by the author of “Traction” here: and here:

@akshatjiwan - awesome - glad you’re into it. That was some pro-level link placement right there, well done! Looks like a great resource too! Customer and pre-customer interviews definitely huge!

Speaking of which - if you have any pain points around outreach or growth generally and you want to hop on a call to chat/brainstorm that would probably be helpful for me to better understand the types of things people are struggling with.

@Leon nice! Yes the traction book is fantastic!

By the way, same offer to you - if you’d like to get on a call and brainstorm for a bit around outreach.

when I visit, it says “free trial is over”

Sorry - I’ve since closed down this service and blog! :frowning:

I’d recommend these ones: