PR Strategies for Bootstrappers

Hey everyone, I don’t normally like to promote my own posts on, but I just published a 3,000+ word strategic guide for startup PR strategy, thought others here might find it valuable:

Article: PR Strategy for Startups

Summary of Topics:

  • What does PR Cover?
  • Why worry about PR?
  • Hire a Firm or Go it Alone?
  • When to Start
  • What Should I Be Seeking Press About?
  • What Not to Pitch
  • PR Strategy Step 1: Distill Your Message
  • PR Strategy Step 2: Make a List
  • PR Strategy Step 3: Gather Data
  • PR Strategy Step 4: Engage
  • PR Strategy Step 5: Become a Thought Leader
  • How to Reach Out [To a Journalist]
  • More Information

I’d love to hear what you think, especially if you have any more tips to add. I’m looking to interview more people about PR strategy in the bootstrapping community to enhance this material, so please share your additional insight!

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I’ve had a small amount of dealings with professional PR people.It seems that you become a professional PR person if you are too stupid for development, too lazy for HR and too dishonest for sales.

Harsh, I have found good PR people to really aid in getting your message out. Authentic people who can come along side your business and fill a skills gap in your team are only a good thing. We cannot all have such amazing skill sets Andy.

That’s what I like about you Andy, you don’t pull the punches. :slight_smile:

Looks great Ryan; can’t wait to read it. Like marketing, accounting, and sales… PR is one of the many new hats I picked up when deciding to run my own circus. You can ignore it for a while, but it’s great to have a reference like this for being strategic. And, the thing I value more than almost anything these days… for not wasting a bunch of time hacking around with it.

It was a bit tongue in cheek. I’m sure there are some very good and cost effective PR people out there. But I’ve never met any of them. ;0)

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