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Posting deals/offers?


Should we have some sort of “Deals” or “Offers” category for the community to post deals to either our own software or stuff we find around the web?

Or would we rather just keep that stuff out?


My own take would be to keep that out for now. It’s early and I think it wouldn’t be a good experience for new users to come on for the first time and the latest view is full of 10% off posts. I also think there will be a lot of value for people who participate regularly here far beyond the one time incremental value of a discount, etc. Certainly open to others thoughts on this though.


Agreed, maybe for now people could add it to their personal “Introduction” if they really want to reward people from here.

Or, keep it really specifically tied to a posting of something that they genuinely want feedback on. E.g. “We’re launching this new way of doing blah blah blah, if you guys use PROMOBSTP on the sign-up page you can get in for free for 15 days to give me feedback”. As long as its not icky :wink:


Agreed I’m not a fan of the threads of just deals on our products. Keep it in introductions or product updates if anything.

Maybe deals on conferences that are tied in can be moderated and put into our meta category as sticky while they are relevant.