Possibly interesting: Mac Developer Survey Results

The people over at DevMate.com conducted a survey about the Mac App Store vs Direct sales among Mac developers. I think the results might be interesting to some of you.

I so wanted the Mac App Store to be a success. It seemed to solve several problems for distributing software on OS X, such as:

  • removing the “mount a virtual drive” process that made no sense to non-techies
  • making it easy to reinstall your purchased software on a new computer or a second computer
  • using a consistent app update process for all apps

But alas, it seems to have failed to live up to its promise.

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There is one thing worse then the Mac App Store and that is the Win App Store.
Windows would so much more need a way of consistent app update and management. My mac apps can be bundle dragged from the program folder to a new computer, but i can’t do this on COM-registry infected Windows.

I hope that this two terrible CEO’s Nadella and Cook are way to mad in their strategies that they are ruining there company (usuable professional and affordable MacPro, please Tim). Unbelievable that i even want see Balmer come back.