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Possible bug in search


So I searched for something. The first link I clicked on wasn’t useful, so I went to the search bar again. But it kept showing me answers from the current question only. So it did something like:

hash# 1 (first answer)
hash# 2 (second answer)

and so on. Every search result was pointing to the same question.

I went back to the main page, and it was still doing the same thing. I had to reload the page three or four times before it let me search properly.

And it keeps doing that, making search very difficult.


It’s not doing that for me. What OS/Browser combo are you using? (cc @codinghorror)


What are you searching for? What exact words and from what URL are you searching?

Note that searching on a long topic will prioritize matches in that topic, searching on a user page will prioritize matches by that user, searching in a category will prioritize matches in that category, etcetera.