Poll: What role for your first hire?

What role did you first hire have? Or will your first hire have?

You can answer even if this is only a hypothetical situation for you at the moment!

  • Customer support agent
  • Developer
  • QA specialist/Software tester
  • Salesperson
  • Marketing specialist
  • Content creator
  • None: I intend to always be a one-person operation
  • Other (specify in comments)

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Feel free to explain your choice in the comments.

My first hire was a QA person. After a few years of working on my software alone I had become blind to a whole bunch of “rough edges” in the application. The software had some weird issues and looked dated, but I was unable to see this. A QA person was a big, big help in rectifying this.

It did involve learning to swallow my ego. I was paying someone to point out all my mistakes!


For me it was a co-founder. I needed a “generalist” just like me, to deal with frigin EVERYTHING, so I hired a long-time friend & co-worker of mine.

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My first “hires” were developers from upwork for specific and small things (WP update, JS scripts, a bit of python).

Next hire will probably be someone to execute part of marketing.

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