Poll: What payment processor do you use?

Let’s find out what payment processor is most popular with bootstrappers in 2019.

Multiple choices allowed.

  • Stripe
  • FastSpring
  • Paddle
  • PayPal
  • 2checkout
  • Recurly
  • Gumroad
  • Chargify
  • Chargebee
  • Authorize.net
  • Your own custom payment processor
  • Other (please specify in comments)

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I use PayPal only at the moment, but have used FastSpring in the past and was happy with them; so I voted for both.

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It has been years since i sold software, but at the time i used BMTmicro and most likely will use them again if i need such a service since i already have my account from back then. I remember BMTmicro and FastSpring having good reputation some time ago, although i do not know how they are seen these days (especially BMTmicro since at least i see FastSpring mentioned now and then, but BMTmicro is almost never mentioned).

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I very much dislike Avangate being listed here as 2Checkout, even though they themselves choose 2Checkout to be their poster brand after buying them. I’m with Avangate for several years and they are slightly expensive but do a decent job. 2Checkout on the other hand was a pile of **** before Avangate bought them.

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Biggest issue in a payment processor for me is VAT support. Fastspring and Paddle do handle that, Gumroad (clumsily) also.


I voted 2checkout (actually Avangate), and “other”. And that “other” was called ShareIt once upon a time, and now it’s called MyCommerce. A bit old fashioned, very slow moving, support is often slow as well, but it actually works ok in 99% of cases, handles taxes, generates keys, same as Avangate. Since my software has perpetual licensing, I don’t know how they handle subscriptions and Saas stuff.

Biggest issue I have is that I don’t have single customer database. Data is scattered through 2 payment processors, with some direct sales, few of them on FastSpring (3rd one), etc. In addition, good part of orders goes through resellers, so simple question “which licenses this customer owns” doesn’t have simple and quick answer. It usually involves going through emails as well, and that’s hardly optimal. Btw. my customers are mostly companies, so it’s common that they have multiple orders through years, sometimes with slightly different names.

Both Avangate and MyCommerce have integration APIs and it should be possible to automatically populate some centralized DB in cloud with new orders, but I can’t justify a month or two to make that. Main problem would be finding and matching separate orders belonging to same customer.

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You can add PayPro Global to the list.

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Unfortunately the discussion forum software won’t let me change the poll options. :frowning: It seems that once the poll is started you can only edit for five minutes!

I’m closing this “payment processor” poll on Friday. Last chance to add your vote!

Got bootstrapping friends? Get them to add their vote!

I use Braintree and I’m surprised it isn’t on the list — I thought this was the primary option for SaaS subscriptions in countries where Stripe isn’t available.

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