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Please take a look at my software pdfLei.com, thanks


Hi, I am Mark. Here is my product which took me a long time to finish. Please google pdfLei (sorry, new user no link)
It’s a pdf file manage and viewer. It offers its user a tool to manage and view hundreds or thousands of pdf files.
The main selling point is that it’s packed features and It provides a seamless experience for the end-users.

I am new to create and market software, so any input will be highly appreciated.


You’re selling end-user software as if it was enterprise software.

Requiring an e-mail address to download the software will drastically cut your downloads.

Make it a free download with 30-day trial.

I doubt people will pay a subscription for desktop software. Make it one-time pay, at least initially. Sell it for $29.

Licensing fee based on number of cores? You’re not Larry Ellison. People don’t know how many “cores” their laptops have and if they do, they call them “processors”.

Start with free/paid. At some point you might figure out a way to upsell based on features but at the beginning keep things simple.

Add screenshots.

Make the website prettier.


Thanks. I was thinking about selling it as enterprise software, but that could be changed. Could you be more specific about making the website prettier? I don’t know how important the screenshots might be, will add them. really appreicate!


I was thinking about selling it as enterprise software, but that could be changed

The thing is, who uses your software is not up to you. I’m, in a way, in the same space (I wrote https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/). I see pdf viewer/manager as mostly used by individuals.

If you want to sell an enterprise version, you would have to figure out features that individuals don’t care but companies do.

Even then this is not the kind of software you can sell the way Oracle sells their database. Even if a company buys it, it’s still a small utility and is bought at small utility prices via one-time purchase, like all other small utilities.

Re: website. It’s an over-all impression.

I collect links to what I consider pretty websites: https://www.notion.so/nicedesign-nice-design-nice-ui-good-ui-good-design-41ac946c558c477ea3adf8a36d7617bb#0bd4f08bac4b4c8faf767732e9e655a0

When I write a landing page for an application, those are the pages I use as an inspiration.

Some common things among the “pretty” pages:

  • the important links are at the top
  • light colors (vs. rather grab gray)
  • leading with screenshots (vs. mostly blank space)

Personally I’m not a good web designer so the way I approach web design is: find the best looking page created by a good designer and imitate it.