Please blame my landing page


I created and about to launch my project named Touchdown.

Please blame my landing page.
Also it would be good if you can advice how make it better.

And couple questions regarding landing page:

  1. Do you find it attractive?
  2. Is it easy to understand how different this one from unbounce and other similar services?

Any other comments/feedback are more then welcome.


Well, I’m certainly no expert on landing pages, but I didn’t find the page particularly compelling. It doesn’t speak to how it’s different from Unbounce and LeadPages, etc. to me.

Maybe a short video, showing you creating a page, demonstrating how easy it is?

Maybe you are not an expert, but advice is valuable, thanks!

You need a strong headline, for which you need a compelling reason for someone to buy, something unique to you.

“Lightweight” doesn’t cut it, imo. At least, use show, don’t tell. If you really are that lightweight or easy to setup, have a video like “Setup your landing page in 90 seconds” or similar.

Thanks. Looks like video is my next step.