Platform for returns/warantee shipments

Introducing InboundShipper to the world. A platform for shipments to the business by the customer (reverse logistics).

I’ve built a platform that allows online merchants to better handle the returns shipping process, or for companies that first need the customer to send them something in for repair/customization.

The company inputs their warehouse address and selects the notification settings for them and their customer about package status. At this point, a custom link is generated. The link can then be shared with the customers via email or any other method.

When a customer visits the link, they put in their address and size information about the package they are sending back and then get a PDF with a USPS label (it’s charged to the business for now). The label is scan-based, meaning if the customer never ships the item, you never pay the postage cost.

When the package is dropped in the mail, depending on your settings, we track the package and notify business and/or customer, when the package is seen in transit and when it’s been delivered.

Would love to hear your feedback, especially, if the functionality of the product is clear from the homepage.