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Plans/goals for Snip is 2014


Hey guys,

I’m sharing my plans and goals for Snip is 2014: http://www.jasonswett.net/snip-in-2014/

If anyone would like to share his or her 2014 plans/goals and hasn’t yet, I’d be interested to hear.


Thanks for sharing.

You are right to go for a manageable goal- the problem with overshooting is that your fail and then stop trying. It is January, and the gyms are full of the new year resolution people. I’m waiting for January to end, so the gym goes back to empty, like it was.

Out of interest, how do you find hairstylists? I also thought about building a web portal for hairstylists, but found most have low tech awareness, and at least the few I talked to didn’t understand the need of having a website. Their thinking was “I have an ad in Yellowpages, why would I pay for a website as well?”


Right. Looks like you discovered that in order to sell a solution to a prospect, the prospect has to not only a) have the problem you’re solving but b) understand he or she has the problem you’re solving and want to solve it.

My target market is not exactly hairstylists. It’s salon owners under 60 years old whose salons have 3-15 stylists. This is because:

  • If the salon is too small, they don’t have the pains that Snip alleviates (i.e. stylists constantly stepping on each other’s toes in the appointment book, large volumes of confirmation calls to make)
  • If the salon is too big, their needs are going to be too sophisticated for my MVP-level product.
  • If the salon owner and/or stylists are too old, they’re just not going to want to use the computer.
  • The pain Snip takes away is an organization’s pain, not an individual’s pain. That’s why my target market is salon owners as opposed to individual stylists.

So far I’ve been getting my customers through canvassing and referrals. I’ve also been working on those other marketing methods I listed in my post, although none of those has yet resulted in a sale.

With the website idea, it sounds like probably a solution to a problem not many people want to solve.