Places to sell a side project?


I’ve had a side project for a long time now, - that has only been breaking even lately without a lot coming in. I haven’t marketed it much, or really done anything with it. So it’s not in the category of sites where it’s worth much and higher end brokers aren’t interested. Anyone know of other places where there’s a decent market? I do think it could be grown, again, but it’d require work.


You could try or


Cool, thanks - borderline looks like it’s worth a shot. I’ve tried Flippa before and it’s not been the greatest of experiences.

There is also

I have absolutely no experience with the site, so no idea how it compares to Flippa.


I’ve had a bit of interest on Side Projectors on a couple of my projects but no sales through that site. I ended up selling one site by just reaching out to a company that I thought might be interested in it.

I don’t think its sellable David as you are manually doing the work.

If you had some automated system that was converting the books, then it would be worth something.

But basically, you are just advertising a conversion service. I don’t think the site is worth anything.

It’s probably not worth as much as something that’s 100% automatic, but there are plenty of businesses out there that employ people to do things that are worth money - sometimes significant amounts of money. And it’s not me converting the books, actually, but people I employ in a place where labor is less expensive than the US. The system does contain a significant amount of automation so that they can do their jobs quickly, and more could be added.

I have sold a couple of side projectors on Worth checking out.

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