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Picking A Marketing Front


Given the nature of my product, I can market to a few different strategies, but it is a bit much to cover on a home page or a quick cold call/email.

For instance my product is lower in price, faster to set up, easier to manage, and drives more donations in comparison to the competition.

How do you guys go about presenting these multiple selling points without making your message too cloudy?


It’s often useful to concentrate on the main benefit of your product to catch your site visitor’s / newsletter subscriber’s attention (e.g. as part of a large headline that mentions that your product drives more donations). The secondary benefits could still be placed on the same page as a quick-to-scan list / bullet points.


You may need to test multiple variations of features / benefits to see what sticks for your target audience. Copy Hackers has a great book for tips on crafting compelling Headlines and Subheads: http://copyhackers.com/

Ultimately, you may need to experiment with different landing pages and / or A/B test sections of your site and track which combinations of features / benefits result in completion of your Goals (e.g. - newsletter signup, purchase, etc).


I have kind of gone with the headline “attract more donors” since that is the most immediate ROI of the feature advantages.

I used to have a shortened feature list on the home page, but decided not to since it was a bit confusing in comparison to the feature page, etc.

@tdavies, I’ll have to look into the link you sent.