Personalties - the right bootstrap mix (is there a recipe?)

The question is, how do you figure out the personalities needed for a bootstrap team?

From the top of my 51 times round the star Sol, I am wondering again on what “makes” success.

OK, it’s people, opportunity, resources…

Nah, it’s people. The “right” people will find the resources, make lemonade out of lemons, and before you know what, carve success out of dirt. Which is the bootstrap way - if you have the money and love of multitudes already, you wouldn’t be here, right?

  1. while circumstantially possible to a minor extent, I do not believe anyone can make it by him/herself, really “make it”, alone. Thus, the need for a team, sooner or later, is real.

  2. some personality traits vital when initiating an innovative, must-have product, are pure poison to a profit-making venture. Or to working well with others. Or to dealing with the ups and downs. I don’t think that I need to elaborate here, but feel free to do so in the comments if this hits too close for comfort (and it should).

So there. I would want to hear about y’all’s thoughts on this. What kinds of personalities work well together, which ones are too much to bear. And especially, for extra credit, how do you deal (or failed to deal and wish you had succeeded) with that perfect perfect (coder, salesman, organizer) that just happens to be (angry, hungry, ugly).

I bet luck plays a part. That’s for another note.

Have you heard of Kolbe A Index test? It assesses your talents, skills, instincts - in other words, it tells you HOW you work best.
It becomes extremely useful when hiring people (and building teams) because no matter what the person you are interviewing tells you, the results of the test actually tell you what they WILL do. So that you can hire the best person for the job and they will actually be at their natural best when performing that job (without feeling stressed, frustrated, etc).

Here is a great explanation of different Kolbe scores: