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PDF Press Teardown


Hey everyone, one valuable experience I recently had at the BaconBiz conference was a live teardown of my homepage for MarvelShare. I think it would be fun to see that happen here on this discussion forum. I’d like to volunteer my sales page for PDF Press.

I’m looking for open, brutally honest & constructive feedback on how to improve the sales page. As anyone

Let 'er rip!


Just my view, I don’t believe too much in sites that are plain bootstrap boilerplate. If you can put a little effort improving the layout, with better colors and better design, should be better.


A couple of thoughts…

Parhaps you could say ‘save up to $1000’ instead of ‘save $108 to $1,068 a year’ - $108 isn’t very motivational. My guess would be that not many people who buy your product are doing it specifically to save $108. Maybe because it’s the cheapest, which raises another point… is branding yourself as as the cheapest product really how you want to distinguish yourself?

You make a few other claims, about being easy to install and use. I think Amy Hoy spoke about this at Microconf in 2012, I watched the video, really good - http://unicornfree.com/2013/a-customer-is-your-mvp-a-video-talk-on-making-products-that-sell - I’m thinking particularly of the section starting at 15:45, but really, they whole thing is good & much better if you watch from the start! (Also, I really should watch the rest of those videos that I haven’t already got to!)

And then we’re below the fold on my tiny tiny macbook air screen and I’ve closed the window, hope there wasn’t anything important on the rest of the page. (Don’t want to be unhelpful, I do the same thing when assessing apps I actually am in the market for… not sure if I’m typical, it can’t hurt to really grab attention at the top of the page though.)


Thanks Daniel! Really great points. Not trying to set myself up as cheaper per se, my competition uses a monthly service to generate PDFs, so I’m making that my differentiator. Still I should bring other benefits to the table other than cost.

Thanks for the video too! I love Amy’s stuff and thanks for the time mark. I’ll check it out.


No worries! Keep us updated on how you go growing sales :smile:


Hey guys, working on my landing page today with some advice / improvements. The Amy Hoy video was extremely helpful. I also took @ian’s advice an added a button to download the current sales page as a PDF. Thoughts so far?


I dig it! I think that really helps make the case.


See also the other post I just made, but I’d put a buy button above the fold, too.